Data Center Solutions

As Evant Technology, we offer comprehensive data center solutions to meet businesses' growth, security, and data management needs.

Data Center Infrastructure Design and Installation
We provide customized infrastructure design and installation tailored to the requirements of your data center. We ensure the seamless integration of key components such as physical hardware, network infrastructure, and power management.

Virtualization and Server Management
We use virtualization technologies to make your data center more efficient and flexible. By simplifying server management, we enhance your business continuity and performance.

Network Infrastructure and Connectivity Solutions
We meet your business's uninterrupted communication and data transfer needs by providing fast, reliable, and scalable network infrastructure. We optimize data flow by offering solutions such as network design, security firewalls, and VPN connections.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions
Your data is one of the most valuable assets of your business. With data backup and recovery solutions, we minimize the risk of data loss and ensure rapid business continuity in case of potential disruptions.

Security and Insulation Solutions
The security and isolation of data in your data center are our top priorities. We protect your data through physical security measures, cybersecurity solutions, and data isolation.

Energy Efficiency and Green Solutions
Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions are crucial during data center operations. We reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact by optimizing your infrastructure.

Consulting and Customized Solutions
We offer customized data center solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Our expert consultants work with you to develop strategies that are specific to your business's requirements.

As Evant Teknoloji, we provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for your data center needs. We are here to make your business more efficient, secure, and future-ready.