SOC and Cyber Security Solutions

At Evant Technology, we provide advanced SOC (Security Operations Center) and cybersecurity services to protect businesses' digital assets and data.

Security Monitoring and Incident Response (SOC)
Our advanced security monitoring and incident response center enable your business to monitor cyber threats in real-time and respond swiftly. Our expert analysts identify, analyze, and devise effective solutions for potential security breaches.

Cyber Threat Analysis
We ensure your readiness against specific cyber threats to your business with advanced threat intelligence and analysis. By detecting and analyzing threats, we identify vulnerabilities and enhance security.

Network Security Solutions
We offer advanced security solutions to ensure the safety of your network. We protect your network using technologies such as network monitoring, firewalls, IPS/IDS systems, and more.

Application Security Audit
We identify and address security vulnerabilities in the applications used by your business. This way, we eliminate potential attack points and protect your business.

Identity and Access Management
We ensure the protection of your business against both internal and external threats with identity authentication and access management strategies. We enable data access only for authorized individuals through tailored identity management solutions.

Data Protection and Encryption
We provide data encryption solutions to protect your sensitive data. This ensures the security of your data while also meeting compliance requirements.

Education and Awareness
We offer specialized training programs to raise awareness about cybersecurity among your employees. This helps create an additional defense layer against social engineering attacks.

Attack Simulations and Tests
We assess your business's defenses by identifying weak points. Through attack simulations and penetration testing, we optimize your security.

At Evant Teknoloji, we assist businesses in building a robust defense mechanism against cyber threats. With our expert team and strong partnerships, we meet your business's cybersecurity requirements comprehensively.